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Receive your business mail, packages, and documents securely with our reliable virtual address and mailbox services. We offer a variety of domestic and international couriers for you to choose from! Choose your plan today to experience the premium service and support you deserve for your personal or business growth.

Why Choose Votores LLC for Your Digital Mailbox?

Votores LLC offers the most reliable and secure services for individuals to receive their business mail, packages, essential documents, and more from around the world. We also offer several couriers worldwide for you to choose and ship your packages back to your home, office, or anywhere else. Choose your preferred courier today for your packages’ safe and fast delivery.



Our online services help customers receive business mail, packages, and documents, create invoices and make payments from around the world. From reception of your mail to online billing, we have everything you need all in one place!

Forward Mail Anywhere - Anytime!

We help you receive your mail no matter where you are in the world!

Scan & Deposit Checks Online - Safe and Secure!

Mails, checks, and packages are scanned to your email for your review on your smartphone, computer, or tablet anywhere worldwide!

Recycle and Dispose of Documents Online - Protect Your Privacy!

Get rid of unwanted mail easily. Quickly eliminate clutter with just one click.

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Secure & Reliable Digital Mailbox

We are changing how people send and receive mail by providing a secure and reliable digital mailbox that allows users to send and receive mail from anywhere at any time!