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A virtual business address is a physical street address that can be used as a mailing address for your business. It’s an affordable alternative to renting a physical office space and can help you maintain a professional image.

Yes, you can use your virtual business address for legal documents and business registration. It’s a valid street address that can be used for all business-related purposes.

We receive your mail and packages at our address and then notify you via email or online dashboard. You can then choose to have your mail and packages forwarded to you, stored securely or shredded and disposed of.

Yes, Votores takes the privacy and security of your mail and personal information very seriously. Our facility is secured and monitored 24/7, and we follow strict privacy policies and procedures to protect your information.

Votores offers a secure scan and deposit service that allows you to deposit checks remotely. We will scan your checks and deposit them directly into your bank account for you.

Yes, Votores offers both domestic and international courier services at discounted rates for our customers. You can choose the courier that best fits your needs and budget.